The Morehouse Merino Flock

Welcome to The Flock...

Welcome to The Flock...

It's an amazing place to learn or practice new techniques in a community of supportive knitters.

About Us

Morehouse Farm is the first superfine Merino sheep farm in America!  Located in New York's Hudson Valley, we grow the softest farm yarn you'll ever feel. We spin our yarn in 5 different weights and have 118 colorways to choose from for projects that inspire creativity.  

Each month, we host a class and a project dedicated to learning and practicing our craft.
Our community encourages each other with three guiding principles:
1) Be good to each other - and yourself
2) You can't say the word can't unless it's followed by the word YET
3) Behind isn't a status, it's only something you sit on.

We've got three different membership levels to help you pick the level of instruction and connection that's right for you!

Why You Should Join Us

When you join The Flock, we'll help you take your knitting to the next level so that you can knit absolutely anything you put on your wish list!  

You'll have:

  • Your own personal knitting instructor, across the internet
  • A new project every month to learn and practice new techniques - at your own pace, with daily goals to follow (or come back to later)
  • The instruction you need at your fingertips for the project you're working on ... without searching through a dozen YouTube videos
  • Dedicated studio hours so that you can get one-on-one help with any project
  • Virtual knit-ins so you can enjoy the company of other like-minded knitters
  • The chance to learn how to fix a mistake without ripping it all out
  • Help substituting yarn so you know it will work for your project before you even start
  •  The confidence and skills to knit anything you put on your wish list
  • And most importantly,
    you'll be taking care of yourself - because knitting is good for you:  mind, body, and soul.

Upcoming Classes

March: Socks that Fit YOU!
with Amy Snell the Devious Knitter and the Wanderly Socks
LIVE Classes Thursday, March 4 at 6:30 pm eastern
and Saturday March 6, 11 am eastern
Self-paced: all month long!

April: Shabka Socks, knitting in the High Atlas tradition
Choose your yarn! (Yes really)
I've done a pair with Gator Sport Yarn and our stash 4-ply, very different and completely awesome.
Irene Waggener will join us on April 3 for a casual lecture (you know, fun learning) about the High Atlas Knitting Traditions!
You'll also need Irene's book: Keepers of the Sheep
AND you'll find an amazing mix of culture, history, AND patterns you want to knit.

May: Targhiwin Leg Warmers
Also from Keepers of the Sheep, it's some fantastic colorwork.
AND it doesn't need to be leg warmers!
Irene will join us again to show us how she turned the pattern into a cowl and hat everyone in the family wants!
That's what I LOVE about this class thing... ask and ye shall have an answer. :)

How do I register?

When you join the Flock as a Shepherd/ess, you get a seat in our live virtual class AND project support for the next 30 days! That includes not only daily chat support, but the opportunity to come to studio hours for one-on-one help.
At day 25, you'll get an email reminding you that you can join in for the next month's project/class or cancel to sit that one out. Re-join at any time for any class!

Can't make the class but want the support? Check out our Farmhand level.


To all of our members, who create such a welcoming and supportive global community focused on learning, all year long.

Frequently Asked Questions

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