The Morehouse Merino Flock
The Morehouse Merino Flock

Welcome to The Flock...

It's an amazing place to learn or practice new techniques in a community of supportive knitters.

About Us

Morehouse Farm is the first superfine Merino sheep farm in America!  Located in New York's Hudson Valley, we grow the softest farm yarn you'll ever feel. We spin our yarn in 5 different weights and have 118 colorways to choose from for projects that inspire creativity.  

Each month, we host project dedicated to learning and practicing our craft.

Each project comes with a LIVE virtual class conducted via Zoom and 30 days of project support via
- a self-paced course which breaks the project down into daily goals
- video tutorials so that you have THE video you need when you need it
(no more wasting an hour to find *the* one on YouTube!)
- studio hours to answer questions you have on any project
- chat support
- times to knit and unwind with your fellow members
- access to the course library
    (that's right, all the past courses stay for you for as long as you're a member).

all for just $45 when you join at the Shepherd/ess level.

Our community encourages each other with three guiding principles:
1) Be good to each other - and yourself
2) You can't say the word can't unless it's followed by the word YET
3) Behind isn't a project status, it's only something you sit on.

Why You Should Join Us

When you join The Flock, we'll help you take your knitting to the next level so that you can knit absolutely anything you put on your wish list!  

You'll have your choice of three different membership levels to help you pick the level of instruction and connection that's right for you.  Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Your own personal knitting instructor, across the internet
  • A new project every month to learn and practice new techniques - at your own pace, with daily goals to follow (or come back to later)
  • The instruction you need at your fingertips for the project you're working on ... without searching through a dozen YouTube videos
  • Dedicated studio hours so that you can get one-on-one help with any project
  • Virtual knit-ins so you can enjoy the company of other like-minded knitters
  • The chance to learn how to fix a mistake without ripping it all out
  • Help substituting yarn so you know it will work for your project before you even start
  •  The confidence and skills to knit anything you put on your wish list
  • And most importantly,
    you'll be taking care of yourself - because knitting is good for you:  mind, body, and soul.

Upcoming Classes

Wonderfully Warm Thrummed Mittens
Add real fleece to your mittens
for extra squish and warmth!

Join us for a
live virtual class
taught by the designer,
Helene Driesen of Kieran Knits

Class times:
Saturday, September 11at 10:00 AM EDT
Tuesday, September 14, 6:30 PM EST

We'll learn or practice:

  • Deciding which size to make
  • Casting on for small projects in the round
  • Preparing your fleece to create thrums
  • Adding thrums to your knitting
  • Maintaining the thrum pattern, even when increasing or decreasing - or adding the thumb!
  • And of course… reading our knitting so that we don’t have to count every stitch on every row.  It’s an absolutely AMAZING feeling to be able to trust yourself that it will all work out.

Click to get all the project details (yarn, needles, pattern) and
order your Thrummed Mitten KnitKit!

How do I register for a LIVE class?

When you join the Flock as a Shepherd/ess, you get a seat in our live virtual class AND project support for the next 30 days! That includes not only daily chat support, but the opportunity to come to studio hours for one-on-one help.

At day 25, you'll get an email reminding you the you can join in for the next month's course/class or choose to sit that one out. Re-join at any time.

Why a subscription?

Simple:  it works out better for all of us!
Here's why:
Most places sell access to a class one at a time.
That means you have to buy them each individually and that's all you get.
I'd have to spend the time on administrative duties setting up each individual class and its logistics instead of spending the time developing new classes and content for us to learn!

When you're in the Flock, you're in the Flock. 
Choose your level:
Farmhands get the self-paced course with chat support, access to the ENTIRE course library, plus a chance to knit and unwind.
For just $20 more, the Shepherd/ess level gives you access to the LIVE virtual classes, studio hours, knit and unwind times, chat support and the entire course library.

Is a subscription a forever commitment?
Absolutely not. In fact, it's just the opposite: it puts YOU in the driver's seat.
YOU decide when to start your month's membership.
YOU get an email reminder about the timing.
YOU decide to continue for the next awesome project and more learning, or cancel and sit the next month out.
If you cancel, YOUR content remains for when
YOU decide when to join back in!

Just a sample of what's in
 Our Course Library...

Wanderly: delightful toe-up socks with an afterthought heel
Atlas Headband: double-knitting in the round that'll have you saying you've conquered mountains
Atlas Cuffs: learn double knitting on the flat, and turn them into mittens
Tansie Wrap: gorgeous beaded wrap by Louisa Harding
Fizzy Drinks Felted Coasters: learn mosaic knitting and felting at the same time
Christine's Cowl: a one-skein cowl that's a go-to gift
The Calvin Sweater:  a sweater for the whole family.  Adults and  Children

Frequently Asked Questions

We love that you're curious!  
Click here to check out our FAQs and learn more.

Are you a Farmhand, Shepherd/ess, or Shearer?

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